What's happening at Melbourne South ?
As Melbourne begins to open up this week, we are very much appreciating the glimmers of hope this brings as we imagine a time when we can once again welcome visitors into our gallery. We are not there yet, and a lot of work must be done to prepare our upcoming exhibition, Linden Postcard Show 2020-21, before we can open our doors.
Last week we held our very first online opening to launch our very first virtually curated exhibition. This was an exciting milestone for us, not only because the exhibition celebrates the 30th birthday of the Linden Postcard Show, but it also marks a new way for us to present exhibitions and reach a geographically dispersed audience from now on.
We hope that our fellow Victorians will be taking some comfort in the easing of restrictions, and enjoying the increased connection to friends, loved ones and communities that is now possible.
Stay safe and well,
Melinda, Lyn, Juliette, Mathieu, Jasmin, Chloé, Hana and Sebastian
Photo: RCMS Past President Mark Stephens, RCPM Past President Robyn McDonald and Ricardo. A
formidable trio.
VALE – Ricardo Krauskopf
Chile has lost a native Son and Australia the Man we all wish we could be.
Rotary Club of Port Melbourne have a beautiful tribute to Ricardo on their website…
- https://rcpm.org.au/

There is a must see video on the webpage of a cluster dinner with a visiting American Club.
The Rotary Club of Loveland’s, USA.
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