What's happening at Melbourne South ?
Care Bag and Clothing Project
For the Alfred Hospital's Psychiatric Ward
The care bags are a welcome gift given to all inpatients on their arrival for a stay at the psychiatry ward. A local sewing
group of volunteers make and provide the bags. Inside them are items suggested by the ward’s nurses and social
workers to make the inpatient’s stay more comfortable. These items include hair brush, moisturizer, lip balm, water bottle, notebook, pens and more.
They are gifted from across the Australia-wide community, to show support and care
for people suffering with mental illness. Since many of the inpatients arrive in an emergency context, and 40% are
homeless, basic clothing is also provided for the staff to distribute as required.
The psychiatry ward comprises 58 beds with an average of 1,300 inpatients a year. The project aim is for all inpatients
to receive a care bag upon their arrival to the ward.

Jokes of the week
He said there was no spark between us any
So I tasered him. (I’ll ask him again when he
wakes up.)

Overheard at the weekend from the changing
cubicle at a menswear shop: “Bugger. The
coronavirus has shrunk the trouser sizes!”
I’m so good at sleeping I can do it with my eyes
My boss told me to have a good day...
... so I went home.

My friend said to me “What ryhmes with orange?”
I said “No it doesn’t.”
Port Phillip Community Group - position available
Manager Community Engagement and Inclusion
Position Title: Manager Community Engagement and Inclusion
Team Area(s) Neighbourhood House (ARCH), Neighbourhood Development, Learn
Local Education, Community Engagement and Connections
Prior to submitting an application please contact Karen Sait, Executive Officer, for further
information or to discuss your interest in and suitability for this role on 03 8598 6600 or via
email: karen@ppcg.org.au
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