Information from Dr Andre from Balibo.
The vaccination numbers were not as high as we expected.  The reason was that they were arriving in villages to vaccinate but there was a high level of vaccine hesitancy. So while they covered areas of around 5-6,000 people to vaccinate, they were only able to do above 1,000.  So next time,  they want to arrive in the village the night before and talk to the people about vaccines.   They also have a list of 1,800 people who were reluctant to get vaccines last time that they intend to follow up with and vaccinate this time. 
They would also like to cover Lourba with around 4,000 people, which is also in Bobonaro near Balibo which has very low vaccination rates.
The current AZ vaccines that Timor has expire on 18 or 19 December.  So it is critical to get out and use these vaccines.  Pfizer will not be available for SABEH to take to the districts until January and is earmarked for the youth.  This would need to be a different trip.
Most medicines have been used.  During the last Balibo sub-district visit they gave about 3,000 medical consultations and used most of the drugs.  In December there are greater risks during the wet season of illness including diarrhea that need to have appropriate  drugs. 
The costs for the second visit returning to the Balibo villages (with more time for education this time around), adding Lourba and including medicines will be around US $10k.  In short, there is a lot of enthusiasm  about the December visits and getting out to deal with vaccine hesitancy and getting a lot more people vaccinated with the AZ vaccines before they expire.