COMMUNITY THANK YOU TO MEDICAL STAFF - ANZAC biscuits gift from Melbourne South Rotary Club
This week, Box Hill Hospital received a gift for our junior medical staff from our local Rotary Club. A section of the accompanying letter from Bronwyn Maddock a Rotarian at the Melbourne South Rotary Club is included below:
We have been in awe of the dedication, commitment and bravery of your staff working extremely hard to look after loved ones during this pandemic. We would like to offer a small token of our appreciation to EH staff on the frontline to show our gratitude and appreciate of their ongoing efforts. We are offering to supply food gifts for your staff. The gift would consist of a zip lock bag containing three or four ANZAC biscuits with a personally written paper heart stapled to the top of the bag. We anticipate the ANZACS could be an easy snack for staff. As I am sure you are aware, ANZAC biscuits were sent to troops on the frontline fighting the enemy to save their country. I am sure you can identify the many parallels with the COVID19 situation. There is a dual purpose to this project. We are bringing many isolated people together each Sunday afternoon on Zoom to bake, chat and have fun, but most importantly connect them with other people in isolation.
The biscuits were delivered to the Box Hill Residents Lounge during the week. I was humbled and touched by the gesture, and the reminder that our community values the hard work and contribution of our medical staff. Thank you to all of you for making a difference for our community. From the Chief Medical Officer.