We are finally out of lock down but for many of us, even if fully vaccinated, that languishing feeling still exists with an overlay of anxiety about going into crowded, public places.  These feelings are normal and are recognised as part of the new normal processes.  However, if you feel that it is impacting on your lifestyle, then contact Beyond Blue who have information especially to help us all cope. 
What a great meeting we had last Monday evening at the Emerald Hotel in Clarendon Street.  We welcomed back many members for our first face to face meeting in months and welcomed  a few visitors, coincidentally both named Bryce, as well. The meeting concluded with a quick witted sergeant of arms, Gerard, testing our general knowledge. 
A real hoot!
It was a pleasure to see Ron Adams induct our newest member, Jason Kelly.  Having younger, skilled members coming into any club is vital for its sustainability and I have a feeling that we will will be trending in that direction. It was also an honour to present Bec Heitbaum with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition pin of 3 sapphires. Bec has been a valued member of the Rotary Club of Melbourne South and now Port Phillip  and has provided outstanding service through the many avenues of Rotary Service. Importantly this recognition is given in the month of Rotary Foundation, which continues to do outstanding work across Rotary’s many projects worldwide.
The two co-presidents of Interact from Mac Robertson’s Girls’ High School, Hedy and Aditi, gave the club a presentation about what they had been doing over the year.  They have, amongst other things, kept the letter writing up and have posted thousands to people who have been impacted by the lockdowns.  They have continued to search out stationery for the schools in Timor Leste and were also wise enough to build in some self care sessions for the 150 Mac Rob girls’ club.  Aditi and Hedy showed they were accomplished and confident speakers as was evident from the question and answer session following their presentation. Congratulations to the girls on their leadership of Interact. The club continues to thrive under the guidance of the office bearers,  the teacher in charge and the support of the school.  Leo and I are zooming in on Cherry and Chloe, 2022 co presidents in the coming week.
Our previous zoom club meeting was Cup Eve so we had a little fun on the night thanks to Sue Foley’s agenda.  We all dressed up ready for a race meeting and congratulations to the winners of the Fashion on the Field event, which was won by Christina and Jason.  A very high standard was set so start planning for next year.  The club stakes was won by Doug, Brian & Bronny, and Leo.  They very kindly donated their winnings to Lift the Lid, a rotary mental health initiative. Now, I see that as a win-win!