What a difference a month makes. We are now nearing the end of a very strict lockdown in
the Greater Melbourne area to protect all from the rampant spread of Covid 19. We
continue to enjoy our Zoom meetings and have become accustom to the ‘technical issues’
that accompany meetings. Our skill level is increasing along with our patience in sorting out
our technical difficulties.
I’d like to thank Dennis Tarrant for his reflection/Rotary Toast at our meeting 21 September2020. Dennis shared that Ernst and Young had produced a survey that measures what your
business impact is on community. On completing the form he discovered that the Bendigo
Bank of Murrumbeena had an effect on around 1 million people. Imagine what impact our
club of 67 years may have had in that time. There are 1.2 million Rotarians in the world what would be the effect, probably reach more than a billion people. What a privilege to be
a member of Melbourne South, bringing laughter, resilience, growth and the facilitation of
projects some people would never have dreamt of.
Footy Colours night 21 Sept – Guest speaker Eric Wright BDMI Rotary House
Congratulations to everyone involved in the RCMS Footy Colours event! As a club we raised $1500
for this very worthwhile cause. Thanks to Sue Foley for arranging that amazing video message from
Neil Balme and to everyone that helped fundraise in true Aussie spirit! Together we really can make
a difference in the lives of others.
A few of our generous participants joining in the fun at our Footy Colours dinner. Eric Wright of BD
MI Rotary House spoke of the concern he had when Covid pandemic arrived shortly after launching a
multimillion dollar fundraising campaign. His concerns were channeled into finding new and
inventive ways to raise money. They are now within $67,000 of their budget but are keen to find a
sponsor for a $15,000 disability toilet! Our thanks to Kitty and Sue for their generous donations of
Vintage bottles of wine. The bottle of Shiraz signed by a Richmond Footy player going to highest bidder on the night…
Richmond support Joan Daniels.
We had our final ANZAC Bake day on Sunday 11 October 2020. In addition to hundreds of freshly
baked biscuits going to the Seafarers Care Packs many hundreds were delivered to frontline
hospitals in Melbourne during the 2nd Covid wave. The biggest thanks goes to the team of bakers
Bronwyn Maddock, Jo Colvin, Olivia De Cesare, Pam Dittmer, Wendy Stirling, Julia Topliss, Audrey
Mutton, Deb Sherwood, Ben Davidson for the laughs each Sunday and dedication to the cause. To
Brian Maddock the taste tester, gofer, driver and photographer - thank you.
Thank you Rosemary Johnston for these bright and attractive beenies now on their way to Stella
Maris for the Seafarers Care Packs.
Well done Melbourne South Cool Kids, congratulations Kitty on motivating not only our club
members but our soon to be sister club members – Eclub of Hawaii. Kitty sent me the following
message ‘I was just on a Zoom with our friends from Hawaii who got excited and signed up for the
walk this October. They see our club as a sister club and can’t wait to come visit us in real life’.
If you’re registered or thinking of registering, the team name Kitty created was Melbourne South
Cool Kids.
- https://www.rotarywalkwithus.org/fundraisers/melbournesouthcoolkids/walk-with-us
If you’re already registered, you can email Kitty and she’ll happily add you to the team. As
site manager, she can do this kind of cool stuff.
Joan’s easy Cheese Scones.
Mix all ingredients until combined – do not over mix
1 cup self raising flour
1 cup grated Tasty cheese The mixture will be fairly moist and sticky
2/3 cup of milk Put a rounded tablespoon of mixture on a greased oven tray
Pinch of salt
Pinch of Cayenne pepper. Sprinkle on Cayenne or Paprika.
Bake in a hot oven (225C) for around 15
Minutes. Makes around 10 -12 scones. Best enjoyed while warm with butter.