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President's Report
We are finally out of lock down but for many of us, even if fully vaccinated, that languishing feeling still exists with an overlay of anxiety about going into crowded, public places.  These feelings are normal and are recognised as part of the new normal processes.  However, if you feel that it is impacting on your lifestyle, then contact Beyond Blue who have information especially to help us all cope. 
What a great meeting we had last Monday evening at the Emerald Hotel in Clarendon Street.  We welcomed back many members for our first face to face meeting in months and welcomed  a few visitors, coincidentally both named Bryce, as well. The meeting concluded with a quick witted sergeant of arms, Gerard, testing our general knowledge. 
A real hoot!
It was a pleasure to see Ron Adams induct our newest member, Jason Kelly.  Having younger, skilled members coming into any club is vital for its sustainability and I have a feeling that we will will be trending in that direction. It was also an honour to present Bec Heitbaum with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition pin of 3 sapphires. Bec has been a valued member of the Rotary Club of Melbourne South and now Port Phillip  and has provided outstanding service through the many avenues of Rotary Service. Importantly this recognition is given in the month of Rotary Foundation, which continues to do outstanding work across Rotary’s many projects worldwide.
The two co-presidents of Interact from Mac Robertson’s Girls’ High School, Hedy and Aditi, gave the club a presentation about what they had been doing over the year.  They have, amongst other things, kept the letter writing up and have posted thousands to people who have been impacted by the lockdowns.  They have continued to search out stationery for the schools in Timor Leste and were also wise enough to build in some self care sessions for the 150 Mac Rob girls’ club.  Aditi and Hedy showed they were accomplished and confident speakers as was evident from the question and answer session following their presentation. Congratulations to the girls on their leadership of Interact. The club continues to thrive under the guidance of the office bearers,  the teacher in charge and the support of the school.  Leo and I are zooming in on Cherry and Chloe, 2022 co presidents in the coming week.
Our previous zoom club meeting was Cup Eve so we had a little fun on the night thanks to Sue Foley’s agenda.  We all dressed up ready for a race meeting and congratulations to the winners of the Fashion on the Field event, which was won by Christina and Jason.  A very high standard was set so start planning for next year.  The club stakes was won by Doug, Brian & Bronny, and Leo.  They very kindly donated their winnings to Lift the Lid, a rotary mental health initiative. Now, I see that as a win-win!
Gardening Program
The Emma Heart Gardening Program team along with a few Rotarians have been having fun in the sun digging, planting, watering and mulching the nature strips across from the Towers.  We are aiming for more hands on work for the next three Sundays in a row to do the preparation and planting.  We are working along Banks Street in South Melbourne.  Please feel free to come along and cheer or bring gloves, a knee pad and a trowel to add your bit to the flora and fauna of the area.  The fellowship is great and so is the sense of achievement.
Morninng Tea
Saturday 27th November 10.00am to 11.15am
Register your attendance at:
Gala Charity Banquet
EMPOWER has teamed up with Launch Housing to provide Christmas gifts for 20 female and 20 male recipients.  Knowing that people care about you even if they don’t know you, is huge if you are struggling.  That’s where Port Phillip Rotary like to step up.  We are sourcing small gifts then packing and delivering the gifts to Launch House on Friday 3rd December.  We are meeting at 10.00 am at EMPOWER, 412 City Road, Southbank. Street parking is available and South Melbourne Market has parking as well.  It should only take 30 minutes for packing, 20 minutes for delivering followed by a coffee at the Ciel Cafe.  That’s a great way to spend an hour or two.  If you have some new gifts to donate or your time, then please contact me on 0431 495 651.  Wendy
Opera at Memo
Opera at Memo
Tuesday, December 21 @ 7pm
Memo Music Hall
88 Acland Street, St Kilda
Calling all Opera Virgins and Connoisseurs.
Grab pre-sale tix to the first ever Opera at Memo before they open to the public.
Opera Singers in Spiegeltent
Come to Melbourne’s hidden gem - Memo Music Hall for a different kind of opera experience. It’s the hits of opera you will recognise from movies, tv series, sporting events, cartoons, or ads. but with real life opera singers and a comic compere to make sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
You will hear the heart melting Flower Duet (British Airways), spine-tinglingNessun d’orma through to music theatre and a carol or two – it is Christmas after all.
Our amazing line-up of artists have sung in Opera Houses all over the world, London’s West End and Royal Albert Hall to Elton John’s Birthday Party. Tenor Jason Wasley, Soprano Ali Rae Jones, Mezzo Soprano Caroline Vercoe and Compere Chris McKenna.
Also featuring an exceptional String Quartet of talent from leading Australian orchestras, Matt Hassall and Lucy Warren on Violin, Violist Tom Higham and Cellist Alexandra Partridge.
If you need to impress a date, organise a special work Christmas event or introduce a mate to something new, we’ve got you covered. And with a few laughs along the way.
Raise for Rotary, is now accepting goals and donations in Australian dollars (AUD). This tool launched in July 2020 and allows people to easily create fundraisers that support The Rotary Foundation. Over the past year, individuals have used Raise for Rotary to create more than 800 fundraisers, which have collected a total of more than $400,000.
Empowering Rotary members
Creative members have been using various external platforms to raise money for The Rotary Foundation, but those have limitations. Raise for Rotary is a custom-branded platform that’s integrated with our existing online giving system. This makes it easier to create a fundraiser that supports specific Rotary causes, such as the areas of focus, fighting polio, or disaster response, and it expands our reach on social media.

Raise for Rotary is being released in several phases. This second phase, in English, can accept fundraising goals and donations in Australian dollars, US dollars, and Canadian dollars. More languages and currencies will be added in later updates. https://
Family Abuse
 The following is a small excerpt from safe families.  Please visit the site.
RECOGNISE the signs
  • Family Abuse is not just physical violence. It involves any behaviour designed to control another person or make them live in fear. This can be verbal, mental, emotional, financial and social abuse.
  • The abuse may be hidden within the relationship. It is not always obvious to outsiders that someone is experiencing family abuse.
  • A person who is experiencing family abuse is often very isolated. They may have stopped connecting with family and friends. They may also have stopped doing their hobbies or other interests.
  • Often their partner is the decision maker in the relationship. This includes controlling finances and making decisions about what they do or who they see.
  • There may be signs of physical injury such as bruising or broken bones.
  • They may talk about their partner getting angry, or appear worried about pleasing them.
  • Their partner constantly calls or appears to monitor what they are doing. 
RAISE your concerns safely
If it is safe to do so you can have a conversation.
You can start by asking them if they are OK. Don’t pressure them to talk to you. Let them know you can talk later if they are not ready to talk now. There are a range of ways you can offer support during a conversation.
  • Believe what they are telling you.
  • Help them to recognise that they are in an abusive situation and the behaviour is not OK.
  • Help them to understand that the abusive behaviour is not their fault.
  • Help them to think about a safety plan and what they can do to keep themselves and others safe.
  • Let them know there are places they can go to get help.
Disclosing their experiences of family abuse is an important first step in seeking support and lessening their isolation.
It is important not to tell someone experiencing family abuse what to do or to judge them if they choose to stay in their relationship.
REFER the person to support or make the call yourself. Call 000 for your or someone else’s is in immediate safety
Balibo Update
Information from Dr Andre from Balibo.
The vaccination numbers were not as high as we expected.  The reason was that they were arriving in villages to vaccinate but there was a high level of vaccine hesitancy. So while they covered areas of around 5-6,000 people to vaccinate, they were only able to do above 1,000.  So next time,  they want to arrive in the village the night before and talk to the people about vaccines.   They also have a list of 1,800 people who were reluctant to get vaccines last time that they intend to follow up with and vaccinate this time. 
They would also like to cover Lourba with around 4,000 people, which is also in Bobonaro near Balibo which has very low vaccination rates.
The current AZ vaccines that Timor has expire on 18 or 19 December.  So it is critical to get out and use these vaccines.  Pfizer will not be available for SABEH to take to the districts until January and is earmarked for the youth.  This would need to be a different trip.
Most medicines have been used.  During the last Balibo sub-district visit they gave about 3,000 medical consultations and used most of the drugs.  In December there are greater risks during the wet season of illness including diarrhea that need to have appropriate  drugs. 
The costs for the second visit returning to the Balibo villages (with more time for education this time around), adding Lourba and including medicines will be around US $10k.  In short, there is a lot of enthusiasm  about the December visits and getting out to deal with vaccine hesitancy and getting a lot more people vaccinated with the AZ vaccines before they expire.  
International Convention
Melbourne will host the 2023 International Convention. While the official promotion program for the Convention will not commence until after the 2022 Convention, have a think about the opportunities to Volunteer at this wonderful event.