Good morning members and friends of Rotary Melbourne South.  I start this newsletter having just stood on St Kilda Road this morning to remember our ANZAC diggers and in memory of all our service men and women who have served and continue to serve our country, and especially to remember the 4 police officers who lost their lives this week while serving our Melbourne community. It was actually quite emotional and moving.  Lest We Forget!
COVID-19 continues to dominate our lives but hopefully that is coming to an end soon and we can get back to doing what we do best – supporting our local community hands-on.
I’m pleased to report that Bronwyn’s project to prepare and supply care packs (toiletries and clothes) to the Alfred Hospital is ramping up and we are now looking to collaborate with several other local clubs to prepare these packs. The Alfred is very excited and thrilled to have our club supporting them.  If you are interested in helping this worthy project, please contact Pam or Bronwyn.
We are of course receiving requests for funds or non-perishable food to support the vulnerable in our community during this trying time and we attempt to help where we can, but if you wish to donate personally, please do so.  But again if you know of any local community group needing support and you think the Club can assist, please let me know so I can discuss with the Board.
For those that don’t know, this week is World Immunization Week with Rotary's focus on Disease Prevention and Treatment.  This 24-30 April, encourage everyone to immunize their children and themselves against preventable diseases – please see
So coming up on 4 May for our next Club Zoom Meeting, we have a special presentation by Bronwyn Maddock on Green Gecko in Cambodia. You may remember her mum who attended Bronwyn’s induction – fabulous musician 😊 Bronwyn has invited Kim Suan from Green Gecko to be our guest speaker and update us on what’s happening in Green Gecko.  Hope you can all join us.
Lastly, Happy Birthday to Joan (Sunday 26) and Marg (Monday 27).  Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anyone else just been or coming up.  If I have, let me know ☹
Stay safe and healthy and look forward to seeing you online on Monday 4 May.