What 4 overlockers can achieve

We sent $500 and some toiletries and clothes last year to help 100 needy families severely affected by drought.  Gary from Mildura has been assisting with the provision of our donation and overseeing that it goes to where it needs to in conjunction with Judy

4 beautiful over lockers were purchased at 1/2 price to be sent to Fiji for "Days for Girls" sewing project.   With the unpredicted COVID-19 situation these now are available for local community projects.

Sue reached out to her contacts in Mildura who have come back to me with two ladies who are working in the area who would really appreciate the donation of overlockers. 1 is from Werrimul and is a young farmers wife she does sewing to supplement her income and sells from the local store at lake Colleraine.The other lady is from Pooncarie and does sewing for few of the locals to try and help them.She is also looking into maybe trying to teach some of the kids to learn to sew. We are still helping our Farmers a little bit they come and pick up stuff from us at the house till this virus is over.

Bayside Boomerang Bags are kindly sewing the beautiful bags for Mental Health Unit Care/Comfort Packs.   Consideration is being given to donating an overlocker for their project also. 

It is wonderful to be able to support community programs that are doing great work for others.