John and Pam joined the club meeting of Wellington North via Zoom following an invitation from Marion Patchett who joined our Monday evening meeting on 20 April.
I met Marion in 2015 after I visited her club RC Paraparaumu, Wellington during an extended trip to New
Zealand. I continued to visit the club regularly having such a good friend while away from home was wonderful.
Marion arranged for us to join the Wellington North club meeting as she was attending and they had a very interesting speaker.
John and I logged in easily. The technology is new for most of their members so it took a few minutes to get everybody connected and the task of getting all to understand the importance of muting and unmuting.
President Lionel Nunns welcomed all and asked the guests to introduce themselves. I explained my connection to Marion and John gave a very good outline of our club. Lots of appreciative head nodding.
President Lionel did the toast. We held our coffee cups up for the toast. Lionel then asked us to speak on the significance of the cups we were using. We heard some lovely stories about special gifts and sentimental connections to old family members. Next we were introduced to ‘Happy Dollars’ stories, preferably uplifting stories or reflections from your week. Money is paid for the privilege of speaking. President Lionel quipping he felt confident that the participants would ‘pay up’ because he knew where they lived! Apparently the members settle up via online banking at the end of the month.
The guest speaker was Christine Hurley from the Rotary Club of Wellington giving a talk about an ambitious project called - Give every child a future an Australasian R100 project. With Global grant funding. You’ll find more information about this wonderful immunisation program in our Pacific region in our bulletin.
As we said our goodbyes we agreed to swap details and our club articles.
After the meeting I spoke with Marion about positive side of meetings online and how we can all pop in to any zoom or similar meeting around the globe. Marion and her Club President David Blair have asked if they could join our May 4 meeting. I think that’s International Star Wars Day – May the forth be with you!